Meet Me... Katie Alexander



I am really passionate about women’s health and wellbeing.


After having a very complex history that I was able to overcome and create the life I now have, this inspires me to support women to do the same in their own way.


I have a strong calling to live authentically and I believe that all else that is not true in nature must fall away.


I have been on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that has led me to a better place of self-acceptance and cultivating loving kindness towards myself (and others).                                                                                                                

My education and careers in Nursing, Holistic Counselling, Breathwork, Transformational Nutrition, Thrive Coaching and Divine Living Coaching plus my life experience of being obese and then losing 35kgs easily and sustainably, has enable me to create a service that encourages women to live their best lives by minimising stress and frustration, overcoming fears and tiredness, eating what works for them and feeling healthy in body and mind and much more…


They are supported to lead a heart centred life by clearing away what is no longer serving them and has 'in the past' disconnected them from their true nature and purpose.


By healing and resolving these blocks they can once again connect to the essence of who they truly are at their core - peaceful, happy and loving.


My services, programs, courses and workshops are tailored to women’s specific needs, unique circumstances and different lifestyles.


I live in Australia with my husband and small dog.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


In health, happiness and support,



My Personal Journey 

My Story...


I was very overweight, well, technically classified as "obese", weighing in at 110kg (242 pounds) but I don’t like using labels.


I also became burnt out in my job as a nurse trying to care, nurture and support others as my own health deteriorated physically, mentally and emotionally. I was a very unhappy person on the inside and it was starting to show and leak outside.


Up until this point I had been able to hide my true feelings and slap a 'fake' happy "I'm fine" smile on my face at all times.


However, in my late 20's, even though I had been a registered nurse for 9 years, I became very unwell with multiple health issues, many of them due to the weight gain, apathy, not knowing or trusting my own feelings and letting my negative beliefs and unhealthy thoughts run my life.


I sought help from the western medical model and was given medication for most of my health issues but nothing actually fixed any problems. For my chronic headaches I had for 10 years, I was told to basically live with it because nothing was physically wrong with me.


Nothing I did or tried improved my health or well-being.


I was impelled to seek alternative methods when I hit rock bottom and became suicidal.


This moment in my life created two options for me and I was fortunate enough to be open to finding the right kind of help and support I truly needed. And so began my journey to wellness, holistic wellbeing and heart-centred living.



This is where my real personal and transformational journey starts...



It was really "an inside job" as I say.


I had to start doing things differently. So I did something different. I sought out a unique kinds of help and support, which addressed my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.


I had to dive deep into the roots of the problem and how it was playing out in my life today not just in weight gain and health issues but the unhappiness I felt inside and with myself.


I had been trying to treat all of these symptoms from the outside without knowing or looking at the source of why they are showing up in my life.


I truly believe that weight and health issues were the symptom of something in the subconscious that stems from unhealed, unacknowledged or unexpressed places.  My body was a representation of what was in my subconscious – what’s happening on the inside shows up on the outside. 


This is why diets fail and commonly a lot of western medicine (I do believe that western medicine as a place still but it is just not the only option we have available).


When we seek a BANDAID we are just not getting to the root of the problem that is causing the issues. The BANDAID covers the real problem because we are not looking underneath to see the truth in the matter.


So this is what I did...


"I took a stand for my health, wellbeing and my life. I committed to me!" 





I started making radical changes, in my own way and at my own pace but were still leaps of faith in the direction of my heart's desires and divine life.



I stopped making weak or fear driven excuses and reasons why I was ‘not allowed’ to spend money or time on my healing. I spent thousands of dollars over ten plus years trying to fix it from the outside but I thought this was ‘acceptable’ in our society.


Well I made it beyond acceptable to try new ways as it was essential to my long term health and holistic wellbeing.


I stopped putting it off until next week or next year when “I’m ready” or circumstances were more favourable – I made it my time NOW!


It was never going to be the ‘right time’, or ‘right amount of money’ or ‘feel right’ – transformation is scary looking at it from the outside.


It looks huge and impossible –but these are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed. It needs to be experienced from the inside. Your whole body and being knows this.


The sense of urgency was too huge to ignore one moment longer, I needed to change for the sake of my own life, my true self, the inner part of me that was only a mere flicker before I decide “NO MORE- It’s now!”.


My inner flame is now roaring and growing and evolving – which is my favourite part of transformation.



I took the leap to radical transformation and healing…



I discovered that a huge part of my unconscious underlying issues and problems led to my weight gain and other chronic and acute health issues – mental, physical and emotional.



I have since found that every woman has her story of struggle and

reasons of why she knows what is "correct" for her yet she just doesn’t do it.



Do you feel things one way yet allow your thinking to do another?


Do you let your head dictate what’s best for you even though you sense another way might be better for you and your life?


Do you allow others to determine and affect your choices because you distrust or are unsure of yourself?


Do you feel out of sorts with how your life is and with your body and connection to you?


Do you desire a different way to feel and be in your life?




Transformation is not hard if you truly seek to be and live the true expression of you!




I decided that the unique and different kinds of support were so beneficial and life-changing that it led me to studying in similar professions. 


Everything that worked for me along the way I researched, studied and became qualified in these various therapies and techniques.  I knew they worked, I had the proof but I wanted to know more, I wanted to know why they worked and how they worked.


As well as being a former nurse I have studied Holistic Counselling, Thrive Coaching, Breathwork, Transformational Nutrition Coaching and Divine Living Coaching.



I now offer a range of services to support and assist women to live the best version of them

- authentical, open, and free!



I have combined some of the healing therapies with my personal experience and successful methods to create my signature service - The Transformation Program.


I help women discover how to approach life and living in a natural and real way so they can align their head, heart, body and soul to connect to their inner truth to be and live their true expression.



The Transformation Program empowers you to transform your life.



I have a firm belief that I am here revolutionise the way women live their life by providing a service to women who are in the similar position I was in of wanting and needing to be healthy and whole on all levels but require the support and guidance to do it in a natural and kind way so they can enjoy their journey and transformational process and get real withthemselves.


All of my personal experience, knowledge, training and abilities are put together in one place and it is in my signature Transformation Program.



So to cut my story short...(!?!)


"I lost 35 kilos without dieting, cancelled a gallbladder surgery, cleared up my reflux and indigestion, I came off all my medications including anti-depressants, eased years of shoulder and lower back pain

AND my chronic headaches I had had for 10 years, vanished.


I became a happier vibrant woman in soul, career, relationships and life. I now have a strong connection to myself and my inner truth. I trust myself and my decisions and love leading a heart-centred life."


I continue to practice my own inner work daily and I am always seeking the truth!


And this was all due to me taking one last final stand for me and not giving up on a way to compassionately and gently change my life (and lose a truck load of weight and gain my health and true sense of self back in the process).



Now I am here to assist women who are ready to make the change and

start to empower themselves with totally new approaches and ways to transform their life.