Breathwork can help you to deepen your understanding of yourself, 

to take more control of your life, and to experience more inner love, peace, happiness, freedom, aliveness and well-being.

Breathwork or Rebirthing, is a simple yet immensely powerful means of supporting and encouraging change in your life.

It is a wonderful heart opening and clearing experience that connects you to the essence of who you truly are at your core - peaceful, happy and loving. Your true self.


This breathing technique is a gentle way to approach what’s holding you back in life and keeping you stuck and has you gracefully move into a space of healing and transformation within you.

Breathwork creates more room in your being to see the potential and possibilities you have and can renew, invigorate and inspire you in your life again.


It can influence positive change for unhealthy patterns and habits, unhelpful values and beliefs, and guides a shift in the overall view of life, and can deepen your spiritual life.


This method creates space by releasing suppressed upsetting or hurtful childhood or adulthood memories and situations without causing more trauma.


It gives rise to an opportunity to heal the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual blocks like grief, anguish, sadness, unforgiveness, misery, resentment, frustration, concern, hurt and fear and general unconscious beliefs and thoughts that do not serve you in your life now. 

And it offers life-affirming changes in your inner world and outer as a result of these insights and the ‘letting go’ effect it has.


You have the ability to then act on the insights from the Breathwork experience to create further healing, integrating and alignment of yourself and bring this understanding, knowledge and wisdom into your life to impact and influence your relationship to yourself and others.


I am trained in leading edge E.Q. ‘Emotional Intelligence Technology’ , Body Centered Awareness, Presencing and John Bradshaw’s ‘Non-shaming Therapy’.



Breathwork is a techniques which go way beyond ‘positive thinking’ and allow us to gain access to our core issues and give us the opportunity to make positive changes that affect virtually every aspect of our lives:




Emotional Release

New Decisions

Deep Connections

Personal Development

Heart Intelligence

Loving Relationships

Success / Achievement

Health and Wellbeing




Breathwork Sessions


During a session the breath is guided back to its natural state: relaxed, rhythmic, flowing and open. This increases the amount of energy in the body and promotes the integration of physical, mental and emotional states of being.


Within a gentle and supportive environment there is an opportunity to access repressed emotions, release emotional and mental stress, to reopen the heart and gain valuable insights.


After a session people often describe feeling lightness, freedom and relief, like dropping a heavy load, a load that they have been carrying for a long time.


The Sessions can take up to 2 hours (the initial session may take a bit longer - please allow 2.5 hours).



Please note these sessions are exclusively run in-person.



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