How would it be if you were more in tune with your body and life?


Are you in need of being holistically revived this at this time of the year?



You can be reinvigorated, feel freed up, unblocked and fully alive this season!



Are you feeling bogged down and needing motivation to start over with something new, something different, something real, and something profound and deeply seeded?


Do you want to stop feeling lousy, heavy and frumpy?


Are you ready to let go of being weighed down by typical weight gain and get back on track?


Are you fed-up with being drained, out of whack and a general feeling of ‘off’?



With all the everyday exposure to negative environments, harmful products and food additives, and undesirable people and circumstances, you can start to feel disconnected from the true sense of you and your body’s needs.


Is this what you are really looking for this season: a holistic cleanse that has your mind, body and soul awakened and energised?


I’d like to introduce you to the…


















With the supportive guidance and a basic step by step process, you can regain a sense of freedom with food and healthy habits and patterns. You can access more creative potential and can be more tuned into your body and in touch with you and life.


By learning to follow the intuitive wisdom of your body and heart, you can begin to make choices with confidence and be freed up inside, feeling clean and clear on all levels. You can also access the abundance of energy available to you to be alive and back in the flow of your life.


This program is nothing like the nasty detox diets full of chemicals that only focus on one area of your life for a split second and leaves you feeling rotten and worse than you did when you started.


This program has you switching to a clear and positive mindset and opens your eyes to the magnitude of transformation possible in your life with this simple process.


You can have numerous ‘ah ha’ moments, and the potential to permanently change by making shifts in perception and opening up the endless opportunities for growth and self-development.




During this program:


  • You receive 6 private 1/2 hour consultations each week to receive guidance, support and a weekly step by step plan. (via Skype or phone - internet access in required)


  • You will have reassurance, encouragement and assistance with identifying blocks and old habits and patterns. 


  • You will be introduced to awareness and mindfulness tips, techniques to gently and easily cleanse the body and approaches to access intuition and living a heart-centred life.


  • The plans have a focus on natural wholefood based nutrition and meals with easily to follow meal ideas and recipes.


  • You have daily and weekly methods, systems and routines to optimise your ultimate outcome.


  • You’re given access to multiple tools, methods and daily practices that you can continue after the 6 weeks to get back your body and a renewed sense of purpose, excitement and enthusiasm about your body, life and wellbeing.


  • Please note that if you require further support for deeper seeded issues that arise, I recommend a full one hour Heart to Heart session for $70 to work on, resolve or overcome blocks and underlying issues.




Be willing and courageous. Start any time. Go at your pace. Achieve awesome results.




This program is offered to you for one simple payment of $249.



* This cleanse is perfect for people with a food intolerance such as gluten and dairy. The cleanse consists of whole foods plant-based.

** Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly - ideal for people wanting to lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle - this cleanse will help transition you easily.

*** You can choose in week 5 to return to any foods you desire or require.




This program is for you if you:


* Want to create radical change in your life.


*Are prepared to invest in this program for yourself, your health, your body and your life.


*Are willing to devote 6 weeks of your life for your wellbeing for the rest of your life time.


*Have the space in your life and are not currently feeling overwhelmed and completely lost. (Please see my other programs and courses.)


* Are committed to following the program and courageously trying new things (that are safe) outside of the comfort zone.


* Will take full responsibility for your results and outcomes plus the level of effort you put in.


*Are prepared to invest in nutritious food, and small products to support the cleanse. (This program promotes ‘Wellness Care’ not ‘Sick Care’ – please consider the cost to you, for sick care and being unwell).

Extra costs will depend on access to fresh fruits and vegetables and prices, what you have at home already, and the level of depth you want to take the cleanse and having outside supportive treatments (i.e. massage).



This program is not suitable for you if you:


* Are overwhelmed, too stressed to think straight, and have way too much going on in your life and on your plate at the moment.


* Have had long standing problems with weight and have greater than normal difficulty in losing weight.


* Are aware that there could be deeper issues of why the weight is there in the first place.


** Please see my other programs for the above 3 points.




* Are pregnant, newly breastfeeding or have serious health conditions and chronic illnesses.


* Are only doing this to lose weight.


* Are after quick fixes and easy band aid methods.


* Have no intention to continue daily healthy eating after the cleanse.


* Are not interested in growing and evolving as a person.


* Are not willing to find the time, put in the effort and create the means for you, your health, your life and your future.