Embrace your natural life cycles and abilities as women. You will have the opportunity to focus on you to get back in touch with your own soul, your true nature.  

Access the potential energy that is ready to transform and transition you to connect to and understand yourself on a deeper level. Through self-knowledge you can develop self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect.


From this place, you can more easily direct the energy of your life toward your higher calling and purpose.


A healing sessions is 'you-centred'. I have the fundamental belief that actually you are the one with the answers and so my work is about trusting your inner guidance where the body really knows what to do to bring about change in your life.


I believe you have the answer to what needs to come forth and my role is to be here with you and to facilitate that process by exploring emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social, cultural & environmental experiences to discover and unleash this inner wisdom - your sacred internal guidance.


As an intuitive healer I draw from my own experiences of being in a very unhappy place in my life and how I got myself out of that and I will draw on, at different times, my education and skills and a variety of philosophical approaches to enable healing.


I use a combination of psychospiritual approaches which utilise both traditional psychological theories of human growth and a spiritual approach to support the individual on their particular journey. 

Tools such as meditation, imagery, metaphor, visualisation, creative arts, awareness, intuition and inner attunement, are used to recognise and access higher consciousness in the pursuit of understanding.


Traditional psychotherapy works towards a greater understanding of the self, while the psychospiritual works towards a greater understanding of the self in the context of the greater whole – a holistic approach. 


Healing Sessions encourage self-exploration within a safe environment, a place for you to be supported. I like to considerate it as a sacred space.


I am absolutely here to journey with you into whatever corners we need to go to bring forth what you desire. I come from a place of acceptance, empathy and authenticity. The process involves equality, compassion and co-operation between the you and myself.



Benefits of Healing Sessions:


  • Find balance and more inner peace in this fast paced world


  • Improve health on all levels - mind, body, emotions and spirit

  • Connect and develop your sixth sense, intuition and natural gifts/abilities (that maybe diminished or dormant)


  • Be able to handle difficult situations with more ease 


  • Be able to trust in your own abilities and have more confidence in you


  • Have more faith in the decisions you make and assurance it is 'correct' for you at that time


  • Resolve New and/or Long Standing problems


  • Knowledge of how to overcome unhelpful traits that sabotage your happiness and good efforts


  • Learn how to communication better to be heard and openly speak your truth


  • Discover more meaning and purpose of why you are here and what you are here to do


  • Gain a sense of 'purpose' in life


  • Have a greater awareness of your unhelpful behaviours and explore the underlying effects on your life plus how to change or manage them


  • Have motivation and inspiration to reach and achieve goals, life-long dreams or true intentions


  • Be able to accept yourself as you are 


  • Gain more energy and well being


  • Develop deeper relationships and Increase Intimacy


  • Feel more positive and happy


  • Reduce Anxiety or Depression


  • Ease negative feelings


  • Find clarity in confusing situations and circumstances


  • Improve Self Esteem and find more Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth and Self-Love




What I am here to do...

My intention is to provide a safe and open space for women to explore their feelings and experiences.


By exploring and unpacking feelings and ways of being, my clients are enabled to discover and access parts of themselves that were once unconscious and most often contain the answers they are seeking.


It is from here they can gain greater insight and appreciation into why they feel the way they feel or do the things they do.


I am here to support and guide women from where they are to where they want to be.


They are encouraged to explore their inner world in a way which enables them to heal, grow and move through what might be getting in the way of living a rich, full and vibrant life.





I am here to guide you gracefully and soulfully to your spiritual connected nature.





The Sessions can take up to 2 hours 

(please allow extra time after the appointment to allow the effects to land in the body

and give space to transitions, shifts and healing)



Please note these sessions are exclusively run in-person.



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