My name is Katie Alexander and I am a Holistic Counsellor, Core Clearing Facilitator,Thrive Coach with Breathwork,  Divine Living Coach and Transformational Nutrition Coach.


I support and help women who are struggling on any level - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally or socially.

We work together to address what’s holding you back and start to de-clutter any or all areas of your life to help you move forward by over-coming fears and developing self-acceptance and loving kindness towards yourself.


I invite and encourage you to lead a heart centred life by clearing away what is no longer serving you and has 'in the past' disconnected you from your true nature and purpose.


By healing and resolving these blocks you can once again connect to the essence of who you truly are at your core - peaceful, happy and loving.


My services, programs, courses, retreats and workshops are tailored to women’s specific needs, unique circumstances and different lifestyles.

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Katie Alexander

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