Core Clearing is a revolutionary heart opening process which uses heart intelligence and connected breathing and to journey down through the layers of emotion and into the infinite presence of love and freedom at the core of your being.

CORE CLEARING is a primary method used for clearing emotional blockages; heart opening and accessing Heart Intelligence for guidance in our life. It is the foundational practice for Emotional Healing, Intuitive Development, Loving Relationships, Spiritual Growth and Heart Centred Living.



"Today I had the opportunity to experience Katie’s core clearing programme.  As I have previously worked with Katie, I was confident that this too would be a powerful and exciting chance to uncover more of my authentic self.


Katie’s gentle and supportive approach allowed me to explore, at a very deep level, some underlying thoughts, beliefs and old patterns that were limiting my ability to live my life fully and truthfully.  Although there were some challenging moments during the session, Katie supported me to sit with what was surfacing, see clearly why things are as they are,  and see a clear path forward.


My whole body is buzzing and feels as if anything is indeed now possible.   I simply loved that this all came from the heart.


Thanks Katie,  you are a blessing!!"


In a unique one hour session I guide you through a beautiful Heart-Centred Meditation to allow you to tune into you, then we begin to unfold what is in the way of you truly leading a wholehearted life. 


I gently and softly take you deeper into a rich and profound place to resolve, answer or heal blocked areas of your life.


You compassionately learn how to move from your head into your heart with this simple yet powerful heart-opening process.


** Receive a practise at the end of each session that is unique to you and your session that you can do at home and be inspired to lead a life that is truly aligned with your heart's desire.


You can have as many sessions as you feel necessary and are called to do.



Trust yourself and be guided by your heart!



Benefits of the Core Clearing Process:


* It can dissolve tension, anxiety, stress, grief & depression.


* It can complete incompleted past experiences, eliminate pain, accelerate healing by boosting the immune system and it brings you into the present moment so you feel more alive.


* It gives rise to balance and clarity so you can think more clearly, be more in touch with your intuition, make better decisions, perform better, connect deeper with others, be more in sync with life so things tend to flow better.


* It opens you up so you feel more peaceful and alive and connects you in your heart so you become more gentle, compassionate, kind, generous, appreciative, as well as creating the openness for patience, resilience and inspired living. 





Core Clearing Sessions 


Core Clearing Sessions are $90 per session, in-person, phone or via Skype. 


Access the 5 session 'Clear my stuff' program for $400.



Contact Katie to book in for your first experience of Core Clearing.


This amazing process was created by Nicholas and Susan de Castella founders of the 'Institute of Heart Intelligence'. They graciously offer this work to the world as their gift through their 'Breathwork' Graduates - thank you.