How I lost over 5kgs in 3 weeks (just recently)…And how you can too before Christmas.

There are only 4 weeks left before Christmas and anything is possible…

***Just to let you know I was actually eating more during this time – so the shift was not in my food intake.

It’s been a while since I’ve lost big chunks of weight at a time.

My old belief was if there was more to lose then more would come off quicker.

Well that is just not the case anymore, so you might be closer to your healthy weight / body than you think.

I’ve sustained my initial weight loss of 35kgs for 3 years now but I have still continued to gradually chip off 100grams or so each month this year.

I just lived life without any extra focus on weight or health – all I did was continue to follow my original shifts in mind, body, emotions and environment plus the practical solutions/strategies and simple lifestyle changes and alternations I chose to make all those years ago. It’s life now.

But this last month I’ve had some massive shifts in my life and

the mega results have shown up once again in my weight.

With this shift I have lost over 5kgs in exactly 3 weeks.

The 3 simple steps I took and you can too to lose weight prior to Christmas are:

Step 1.

I raised my vibration. Simply put I looked to see where I needed to up lift my mood, energy and vitality in my life.

For example:

* I upped my self-care (massages, spas, hot showers, more sleep, lots of fresh whole food, good quality rest, cleansing).

* I spent my time with productive and positive people.

* I bought new items for the house. It doesn’t have to break the bank I bought new sheets, towels, and a few kitchen items on sale.

* I even picked flowers from the garden to have fresh scents of spring/summer in the home.

* I kept the house aired out, bright, open and clean (with some extra help).

* I changed my frumpy draggy old house clothes to new lounge wear (they were from Kmart so I got two new outfits for less than $50).

See previous blogs for self- care and other ways to start to increase your vibration:

Part 1:!What-I-learnt-from-selfcare-and-how-it-created-positive-change-in-my-husband-family-friends-and-life/c1oo4/01FE9C29-5463-45D4-BBFA-2AFB85992836

Part 2:!Extreme-SelfCare-and-how-to-deal-with-Commitments-Responsibilities-and-Not-Letting-other-People-Down-in-the-Process-Part-2/c1oo4/A3CEAF9C-544A-49D7-8B89-898F00D3967C

(More on how to raise your vibration in next week’s email)

Step 2.

I committed to my own personal health in a much bigger and newer way. I took the next step up for me i.e. walking each day for me and my dog.

Personal tip bit:

(We moved house recently and our little dog "Midge" is now in a back yard instead of on a farm and requires walking every day to get and play. However I choose each day to go for my own walk and invite her along).

I even felt the urge to jog a few times: see my post about this…!Rock-Bottom-to-Jogging/c1oo4/25F70672-A1DD-4089-820E-00B1214564D0

Step 3.

I knew when it was time to up level my support personally, professionally and in the household – energetically and physically. I asked for help in the home once a fortnight for 2 hours – it is very supportive to have someone help you even if you have to pay them for it.

I also received my own shift in mindset around a particular area of my life. I felt it was time for me to address it and so I reached out to a mentor and was gifted with a therapeutic and restoring shift in perception and gained insight that has changed my life for the better.

So I lost weight I no longer required to carry around

In 3 Simple Steps of up-levelling on a holistic level – in mind, body, and soul

with the extra added support that I reached out for.

Remember you don’t have to wait before your life is falling to pieces to ask for help.

I have a great life and I am still committed to living my most authentic and best life with more support and guidance.

Why not? Life’s too short to be living in a mediocre life.

Your Turn:

Pick the step are you most interested in from above, create a plan and then action it out today.

Be amazed by the results you can achieve by putting simple measures in place from a grounded and grateful place.

For the over-achievers take a look at all three steps and again create a plan and action it out today.

Enjoy exploring your own personal massive shifts that can take place

in 3 short weeks.


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