10 Ways to Raise your Positive Energy and start feeling like you matter.

When things are tough and not going your way, the last thing you think about is your health, wellbeing and losing weight.

I use to be flat and zapped of energy. The last thing I could think about was exercising or even summoning the motivation to cook something healthy.

I was drained, tired and overwhelmed with the expectations of life in general. I didn’t feel like I mattered nor whatever I did was important or made a difference.

One of the important actions I took was to

start with the things I knew I could change.

And that was my outlook on life and taking ownership of my health and wellbeing.

I started to look at my life as a whole and addressed the different levels of being.

This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. Each of these levels has a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being.

This might sound a bit scientific or woo woo but Vibration or universal life energy is simply a way to describe your overall state of wellbeing.

You may have heard me refer to things like – raising your vibration or up- levelling or good vibes or simply positive energy. These are one in the same.

When you are operating at a lower vibration you can experience disempowering thoughts, damaging self-talk, negative feelings, poor health, lack of spiritual awareness, feeling unsupported and dissatisfied in life.

When you are functioning from a higher vibration you have empowering thoughts, more control, positive emotions, wellness and good health, a strong spiritual awareness, connectedness, feel nurtured and well taken care of and fulfilled in life.

So Why would you want to raise your vibration or good vibes? …

The lower your vibration is the more likely you are to attract circumstances to you that mirror your state.

Have you ever wondered why when things go bad they either come in threes or keep getting worse for a period of time?

The lower vibration has been lingering on and creating more of the same.

This is the perfect time to up the good vibes in your life.

Because the higher your vibration the more likely you are to attract the positive, happy and good into your life, continuously.

Now, for the 10 ways to increase your positive energy.

1. Drink water – up the water intake.

2. Eat fresh whole foods – food that is alive and cooked in fresh states.

3. Conscious breathing – take a few slow deep breathes.

4. Practice gratitude – think of three things each evening before bed of what you are grateful for that day.

5. Reflection time each day – meditate, yoga or journaling.

6. Drop the drama and negative thoughts and just shake it off. Say “No” to any forms of stress and only invite positive, motivating people, careers and energy into your life.

7. Reconnect with nature – walk barefoot or lie down on the grass or beach.

8. Find activities that you know shifts your mood i.e. exercise, laughing, venting, long baths and good night’s sleep.

9. Watch your negative self-talk – simply say to yourself “stop” and switch your mindset to focus on something more upbeat.

10. Listen to music, dance, hug a pet, have a massage, sing and spread some Love.

As you open the positive vibe flood gates you can begin to feel more you, weight can drop off as you no longer need it and you will create a more loving tone towards yourself and see that you have mattered all along.

When you start on the above tips you will notice how you feel when things are going smoothly and what occurs when things get thrown off course.

You can learn to consciously choose the path that leads of Pleasantville instead of leaving it up the life to have you go through the monotonous and tiring motions.

You are the one in control of increasing your

vibrational frequency or positive energy.

No one else can do this for you. But you can start to use these tips to help today.


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