12 Tips to Enjoying Your Festive Season and Christmas day without Over-Indulging and Feeling Stuffed

Eat the food you love while taking a few steps to making it an enjoyable time and feeling better in your body.

1. Eat a bit of everything you see and want on Christmas day – then turn to the greens: Fill up on these golden tickets to preventing an over indulging episode.

2. Drop the diet self-talk: ‘This is so bad for me but I’m allowed today’ or ‘Isn’t this terrible eating all these fatting foods but it’s Christmas, right’ or ‘I’ll have less tonight or tomorrow or next week’ or ‘The diet starts in the New Year’. Drop it!

Just eat the food you Love and enjoy every mouthful.

Stop the running food commentary in your head.

You can eat anything you want but just stop when you are physically full and not a moment after.

Basically eat in moderation and save the things you want to cram in for later or another time you can eat and enjoy them without over indulging in one session.

Have two well portioned meals instead.

It’s time to change the Christmas tradition of stuffing ourselves stupid. This is not a good enough reason to make ourselves beyond full and feeling tight, uncomfortable and bloated.

3. Say “No, thank you”: You may think it is hard to say NO to certain people - nevertheless it is better for your waist line and comfort within your body to politely say ‘No’. (And don’t let others guilt you just because they can’t say no themselves). This is your life, your body and your choice.

4. Have a filling healthy snack before parties: Avoid arriving at a party and get-togethers feeling hungry. Eat a hand full of almonds, a piece of fruit, some vegie dip on crackers, avocado or egg on gluten free toast or organic corn chips and hummus. Always be prepaid.

5. Have a Pass on the nibbles and snacks: These foods are the culprits for stacking on the weight during this time. i.e. general chips and dips, peanuts and finger foods, chocolates and lollies, pastries, biscuits and fruit pies etc.

They are everywhere and it is normal to just reach out and grab handfuls of them all day and night.

By the end of the day or a gathering you may have consumed as much as 2 main meals –their sneaky. It’s best to just say “Pass”.

6. Make all other times - healthy times: Sometimes when it comes to the holidays we can have a tendency to continue on the celebration foods in all other times.

Keep to the festive food at the parties, get-togethers, Eves and Special Days.

All other times return to your normal way of eating with no added extra ‘Christmas time treats’. Be aware of this particularly at work and general days off.

7. Start every day on the right track: It is essential during these times that the first thing you put in your body each day is healthy.

It can be a green smoothie for the best start possible or just water and fresh lemon juice to flush out the everyday toxins from overnight.

Then move to the usual toast or cereal etc. if you are still physically hungry.

8. Drink lots of water: Keep yourself well hydrated. You might think you are hungry when the Christmas goodies roll out but you could just be thirsty.

Staying well topped up with fresh, filtered and clean fluids will give you a Christmas glow as well as many health benefits i.e. flush out unwanted toxins.

Avoid drinking too much water with meals – it’s not great for the digestion.

9. Dodge sauces as much as possible: Not only do they have the extra calories but can make your stomach upset and bloated with additives and certain food combinations.

10. Eat more greens in general: Particularly on the days you are having all the Christmas trimmings and even the days in between.

11. Get some movement in somewhere: Ask people if they want to go for a short walk on the big festive days and squeeze in a walk most other days to get some fresh air and the body moving and functioning well.

12. Be kind to yourself: If you over indulge and eat way too many chocolates one day – drop the criticism and negative self-talk. It never changes anytime.

Don’t reprimand yourself for the action and swear you’ll never eat chocolate again – this doesn’t work.

You just end up wanting more again sooner than you think.

Be gentle, do the best you can and choose the next best option over this festive season.

Free yourself this Christmas from the usual roller-coaster of food dramas

and follow the above tips.

You will be prancing into the New Year feeling better than you ever have.

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