How to get what you truly want in the New Year… forget resolutions – have it long term!

Have what you truly desire in the New year by following these Three Simple Steps…

Step One. Where are you now?

It's so important to be in reality and to know where you are now.

Many of us skip over this part because it’s too painful or uncomfortable to think about it, to really look at and see where you are starting from.

The easiest way to do this is to immediately drop all negative self-talk about 'I shouldn't be this way', 'it's so bad I've got to here', 'it's terrible', 'I should be...' etc.


Be gentle with yourself.

For whatever reason and whatever life circumstances that have occurred in your past,

you have come to this point.

Now, you are choosing to see with gentle eyes that you do not wish to continue living, being, doing whatever is currently happening.

Observe from a compassionate place, with no 'should's', and look to see what you desire to change about you and / or your current life circumstances.

Step Two. Where do you want to be? (in the not too distant future)

Part 1

From the place of kind reality you can now look towards where you ideally would love to be, however still keeping it in reality i.e. having a healthy and comfortable body rather than an unrealistic out of proportion supermodels body.)

This bit is important....

You require a really clear picture of what you want.

Not only in thoughts in your head or a general feeling or sense but precise words (preferably written down) and specific moments of how your life would look, what you would be doing, how you feel and what is around you -once you are there in your new reality.

Depending on how arty or creative you are or how keen and courageous you are, vision boards are great for getting a clear visual of your desires.

As you continue to see pictures of the same thing your brain gets use to it and draws it closer to your life.

(Like a car you want to buy - for some reason you begin seeing them everywhere - your eyes, brain and body has adjusted to continue to bring you closer to this type of car as it’s what you want.)

Part 2

Now you have a clear picture of where you want to be, take a small bite size piece of it that is tangible, measureable and quantifiable.

Obviously my example is going to be reducing weight.

If you see yourself feeling fitter and more comfortable in your body and with loads more energy in your life- then work towards reducing the first 5 kgs.

Your brain can go into overwhelm or overload and not know what to do or where to start if the goal is too big.

Your mind just says ‘too hard’ and pretty much gives up then and there and quickly reverts back to autopilot and perhaps throwing in a reason or two to start later (which really means never).

If you see yourself reducing 15kgs or more start with the first 5 kgs.

In my weight loss journey I lost 1 kg 35 times.

And lastly…Step Three. Take action

As I woman I am really good at planning things, organising, thinking about and arranging everything especially when it comes to others in my life.

People knew they could rely on me and I would always follow through. I am an extremely responsible and dependable person.

However in my past this was my down fall. I would make everyone else’s life more important than my own. (I even picked the perfect past self-less career as a nurse to play this out).

It was my reason, justification and proof that I had no time for me and my things.

NOW - is your time!

Don’t stop at the planning or thinking about doing it. Take Action and really do it!

Start to rely on yourself to make the things that are important to you happen. Be responsible for your own circumstances and choices.

You will not let others down if you are feeling better about yourself and in your own body and with your life.

You actually lift others up and inspire people when they see you taking care of yourself and standing up for your true desires.

You are clear about your current position, you are sure about your ‘not too distant’ future with your measureable aim, so now begin the steps to make it your New reality, New life, New you!

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