5 key points to Holistic Spring Cleaning! Spruce up this season!

Feel clear in Mind, Body and Soul!

Summer is almost upon us and it feels like the right time to think about clearing out the old and bringing in the new.

I’ve covered the 5 key points to Holistic Spring Cleaning to have you feeling fresh and shiny – inside and out. You can also pick up some new healthy habits to take you into the new year for better health and wellbeing.

External Body:

There are two parts… Out of the home: * Have a haircut * Book yourself in for a body scrub, facial and / or massage at the local beauty place * Buy some fresh new animal cruelty-free makeup and organic / natural body products In the home: * For ongoing care, do your own dry skin brushing, and hydrating your skin with organic coconut oil * Have a regular routine of flossing, tongue scrapping and oil pulling (with coconut oil or sesame seed oil) for maximum cleansing and detoxifying. This gives you awesome fresh breath and removes unwanted toxins and bacteria from your mouth.

Internal Body:

* Aim to have 3 fresh Wholefood blended drinks (20% or less of fruit) per week or each morning if you’re feeling adventurous. This a little tweak in your morning can have you dropping weight and feeling vibrant in no time. * Up the greens in your everyday eating to look glowing and feeling renewed (fresh greens decrease belly fat) * Start cleansing your body with fresh water, detox tea and other herbal teas.


* Buy a new inspirational book of your own interest (or try ‘May cause Miracles’ by Gabrielle Bernstein, ‘What are you hungry for?’ By Deepak Chopra and ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay) * Instead of waiting for the New Year to set goals – set them today and do one small thing each day that works you towards it * Try a walking or breathing mantra – ‘I am healthy, happy and whole’ * Learn something new before summer (take a dance class or craft workshop)


* Start up a 5 minute breathing meditation practice each morning * Stand outside on the grass for 10 minutes per week and breathe in the fresh air * Begin a gratitude ritual by pick out one thing each day that you love and appreciate about your life or yourself


* New bright fresh pillows or pillow covers for the living room * Getting your windows cleaned by a professional (self-care and clean windows…awesome!) * Throwing out or give away anything that you no longer use, like or need Approach your spring cleaning in a holistic way to address all the important parts of your life. This can have you feeling energized, organised and renewed on all levels before summer.

What are you excited about starting today?

In health, happiness and support


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