Too Good Not to Share… Have luxurious and scrumptious skin every day.

Care for your skin with these beautiful, easy and in a ‘spa like’ way simple tips.

Your skin is one of your best assets.

It is the largest organ of the human body and helps eliminate toxins from the skin.

This is mainly achieved through sweating i.e. by joyful movement, fever or environment i.e. summer weather, saunas, steam room etc. It is one of the most effective ways for the body to rid itself of toxins which are stored in fat tissues.

Sweating is important no matter how you achieve it however we are talking about that glow that all women want.

Well I have some really quick tips for you all this week.

As I am in the middle of my yearly mega cleansing program, I not only look at what is going IN my body or OUT of my body (very important to keep the system moving) but what goes ON my body.

I look to see what needs to be discarded from the bathroom cupboard – old makeup (not that I wear much but still needs to be replaced often), any product that has too many ingredients to count and I smell each thing to see if my body is actually put off by it – if it is then this is something to avoid. I check to see if it smells chemically or too perfumey, if so, then it goes.

My moto has been – and you can stick to it as much as sanely possible,

as a woman who likes her products...

“If I can’t put it IN me then I don’t put it ON me”.

I use an Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil on my skin to moisturize. (You can pick it up at any supermarket these days, usually in the health food select or Asian Cooking section).

However during my annual super cleanse I came up with a way I can have it all…

This secret can give you…

Hydrated and Moisturized skin

Cleansed and Renewed skin

Gentle Exfoliation

The Healthy Glow

And walk away Smelling and Feeling Amazing.

You have to try this recipe.

Luxurious Body Scrub.

1 cup of Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

1 cup of Himalayan pink rock salt or Murray River Salt – fine to medium (use fine if you have sensitive skin)

Mix together – it’s that easy. I store it in a solid glass container with a plastic lid in the actual shower.

Before turning on the water for your shower, stand in the shower and use about a walnut size scoop of the mixture to rub gently and slowly, starting from your toes to your heart, then up your arms from your hands to your shoulders and your shoulders down to your heart.

This method of applying will also help the lymphatic system

remove toxins from the body.

Don’t scrub too hard. Be gentle over the breasts and skip the nipple, underarm, genital areas. Avoid the face and any other sensitive areas.

After a minute or so, rinse off with warm water – reframe from using soaps or other products in this shower time.

Do this a few times a week or can be done daily during a cleanse.

So there you have it – DYI Spa and the most simplest, natural and lush way to care for your skin.

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