Leverage all you can while reducing weight this year…

Has your New Year’s resolutions fizzled out already? Get your mojo on tonight.

If you are looking for some extra help to get you started on reducing weight or any other goal you have this year… well right now is the time to ask.

There is a New Moon tonight. The new moon is the symbol of beginnings.

A new moon indicates it is time to look at what is no longer serving you and focus on what is new and fresh.

This is the perfect time to set those new longer lasting aims and intentions.

If you’re waiting for that elusive ‘switch to flick’ this is how to give it a nudge in the right direction.

I know some of you might be thinking “Sound’s a bit woo woo or airy fairy”…

What else do you have to lose?

Weight, baggage, things that are holding you back and not serving you…?!?

Make your decisions tonight and over the next 2 days while the moon is at its most potent.

The New Moon energy is really powerful and tapping into this energy can really support, invigorate strengthen you dreams, goals and intentions.

You don’t have to over think this one – you don’t even really have to believe in it at all.

But tonight is the night to set your new year into Action.

Take one minute now and think of the New Moon – in all its newness!

Breathe in deeply and ponder on...

What you want to create in the next month?

What do you truly want to accomplish?

What is your heart longing for?

What needs to get moving and happening today?

Done! It’s that simple.

To make things really juicy you can go out and look up at the moon tonight.


You can write your intention down and look to see all you need to call in to help you to achieve your goal.

Step in to the New!

You’re Not alone tonight – the whole community at Life-Changing Weight Loss is with you.

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