When giving up just seems easier…

The way women can sabotage their weight loss efforts.

We have all been there; you might be there now…

What do you do when giving up just seems like the better option.

You might be on a 2015 health kick, you might be on the “lose the weight” band wagon that leaves the station every January, you might be in the middle of seeking change in your life: a new career, starting a family, renewing a relationship – whatever it is – at some point it can feel like you are being tested.

You start to question everything…

Am I doing the right thing?

Is this even working?

What am I really doing this for?

Do I even want this anymore?

All great questions as long as they are coming from the place that wants to change and not from the place that is looking for a reason, justification or excuse to stop, give up and forget about all your efforts and good attempts to change your circumstances.

Here’s where women sabotage their weight loss efforts or any other change they might be looking to make in their life…

1. Most women look at “what they want” but do nothing about it.

(This is the denial area, where they make it OK to keep living from a place of mediocre or get stuck ‘going through the motions of life’ not wanting to look at ‘how’ to get out of their “stuckness”.

To change here, it can usually take losing something –a loved one, health and wellness, a career, a relationship etc. or the simple way is to just decide to change the circumstances!)

2. Then you have some women who know what they want and start to look at “how” to get what they want and start doing something about it.

(This is where the good efforts and attempts come in to ‘try’ to make things different.

Unfortunately, this is usually where the ‘Maybe I should just give up?’ comes in as an easier option, when things get tough or don’t go to plan or you don’t see results fast enough! [sound familiar?]

To change here, the following step needs to be dived into head first to ensure the longevity of your activities and accomplishments thus far. )

3. Lastly, you have very few women who know what they want, know where and how to go after it, THEN start to do what’s necessary to make the change (slowly and gradually) AND have “a greater understanding, knowing and insight into WHY” they are doing what they are doing and wanting what they are wanting.


The majority of women don’t REALLY know WHY they are doing what they are doing.

Is it really to just look slimmer??

Will losing weight really make your life somehow better to live in?

Can a change in career really make you feel good about yourself?

Are your 'wants' REALLY yours - or are they your loved ones or family or societies?

Do you TRULY want what you want – where does the desire come from?

Know, understand and be aware of WHY YOU want what you want.

If you put some thought to this – you will gain the necessary determination ‘NOT to EVER GIVE UP’ on it or on you!

It will be too meaningful to you to throw away your current efforts and undertakings.

You will see the BIGGER picture and the ‘GREATER WHY’ of what you are doing.

From here you can answer those original questions (Am I doing the right thing?) with confidence and belief in yourself that you can do it!

So before you give up on something – ask yourself:

What’s my BIGGER picture?

What’s my ‘GREATER WHY’?

Start here FIRST, then work backwards = “Why”, How, then What!

My Examples to help your process:

Weight Loss

GREATER WHY: I desire to lose weight to feel and be more in alignment with who I truly feel and know I really am.

How: Take better care of all parts of my life (holistically) that effect weight reduction in a multitude of ways I have learnt over many years now.

What: Weight Reduction = minus 35kgs plus!!


GREATER WHY: I desire to create a thriving business by offering amazing Programs, Workshops and Private Half-day consultations to beautiful full-figured women who are ready to reduce weight and live more authentically them. I want to promote healthy curves and standing up for living a life you love and truly matters to you.

How: Be seen in the world. Network with Amazing women. Establish a community of like-minded women who are all on the ‘reduce weight to live more authentically them’ path.

What: Have genuine business offerings, a landing place to come and learn a new way and means to access more of what I have to give.

Now… do yours!

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