Taking the seriousness out of the heaviness…

Lightness and Fun times!

I’m as passionate and determined as anyone who wants to live a well-balanced life in body, mind, emotions, career, relationships, family, social, environment and soul.

But sometimes we just need to take the pressure off ourselves.

We can get a bit blogged down in the details, strategies and planning and become fanatic about a particular part of the ‘whole’ life – i.e. body … weight reduction etc.

We can get caught up in something that perhaps is not really what we truly want.

In other words, we chase something down the rabbit hole without knowing really ‘why’ nor how to get ourselves out.

I know I got so side-tracked in an area of my life that I woke up one day at 110kgs.

I was thinking ‘how did I get here?’, ‘what happened?’ and ‘how did I let it get this far?’.

When we lose sight of the ‘greater why’ we can lose sight of everything.

(Check out last week’s blog for the ‘greater why’)

So let’s shake it off, tear it up or whatever phase is hip and kool these days.

Stop taking everything sooo seriously – yes our life can depend on it at times – however getting “heavy” or serious in life is not what a woman wants when she is already carrying a little extra weight.

Get your life feeling lighter!

Lighter in mind… read instead watch TV tonight. Be mindful with your family and friends this week – instead of churning over the same what if’s, why not’s over and over.

Lighter in body… have a massage instead sleeping in late. Eat more vegies this week or do some dancing!

Lighter in emotions/mood… talk it out instead on stuffing it down. Do a bit of journaling or art to release a little tension held inside.

Lighten up, free yourself up and do something brighter, cheerful and playful.

We are the only ones who can actually make it easier for ourselves.

What’s one thing you can do this week to start to make things simpler for you and begin taking the pressure off so you can breathe easier?


Flip through old photos

Eat lighter food – vegies, fruit, nuts and seeds

Inhale a pleasurable scent

Read a new book (Anything by Louise Hay is light)

Play with an animal (preferably a friendly one that you know)

Open the curtains and windows

Dance to your favourite song (Mines.. Celine Dion – I’m Alive!!)

Walk around the block (Look for what’s new and positive)

Tell a good joke (Why couldn’t the ant fit back down her hole?....She was driving a tractor!)

Shop for light coloured clothing (try the lightest version of your favourite colour)

De-clutter a space you love

Watch cats on Utube (so funny -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imeq3GeRttw


Journal the feelings that are bottled up at the moment

Spend quality time with loved ones

Lose yourself in art and craft

Keep a list of inspiring quotes on you

Chat with a friend

Buy yourself your favourite bunch of flowers

Drink water

Have a relaxation massage or special treatment at a Day Spa

Do a good deed, or write a nice note to someone special

All things that make you feel good and lighter ….

If you feel lighter in spirit, think lighter in mind and do lighter things in life, I ponder what effect this might have on your life and body…?!?

Happy "Light" Following….

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