Something is wrong... or is it?

Sometimes in life there is no ‘right’ answer.

All the planning, strategizing and late night thinking in bed will not help you figure it out.

You can try so hard, constantly searching for the solution to fix, solve or sort out a problem or issue.

It can be exhausting and at times when things just don’t end up the way you foresaw it or wanted it desperately to be, you can feel so helpless and lose hope of it ever being different.

When you continue to look at your life as there being something to ‘fix’ or a problem to ‘sort’, you are in fact, viewing your life as ‘something is wrong’ with it as a whole.

Understanding how your body works can help you see why you feel the way you feel.

When you are in a constant position or state of ‘something is wrong and needs fixing or solving’ you are in fact in ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Your cortisone levels will be raised – leading to weight gain and /or difficulty losing weight.

Your adrenaline is pretty much always high and pumping – completely wiping out your adrenal grands. This leads to fatigue, chronic tiredness and nil motivation.

You can also be driven mad with never-ending thoughts of worry and concern and ‘what if’s’.

This can chew through your day and you end up flopping onto the couch at night absolutely exhausted just from a typical normal day.

It’s because neither you nor your body ever get to rest or relax and enjoy what you actually DO have and IS going ‘right’.

This thought that ‘something is wrong’ can actually have you using your precious time off, searching for things to fix, change or judge as ‘not right’.

You never get to experience life as it is.

You can be too busy making or viewing something as ‘right or wrong’, ‘good or bad’ or ‘ok or not ok’.

While all this is going on in your body and in your head, you can be missing out on some of life’s greatest moments.

You can miss opportunities that might actually be of a long-term benefit to you.

You can miss being truly present in the important times with children and loved ones, deepening the connection and bonds and having loving and fun moments with each other.

You can miss the moments you could cherish for a life time and the chance to see all of life’s possibilities and abundant opportunities.

In other words you are missing out on all the ‘amazing’ things

that are good, right and going well for you.

Without gratitude and feeling blessed for what you DO have and where you ARE in this moment, you live through the eyes of ‘something is wrong’.

The never-ending cycle of disappointment, expectation, judgment, non-fulfilment, shame and the dreaded ‘I’m not good enough’.

Sometimes it is more productive, more beneficial and just easier on you and your body to give the planning, thinking and searching a rest and take a rest.

I like to think that ‘doing nothing is actually doing something’ and

I get to rest, restore and relax while I’m doing it.

Relax in the idea that being in the moment with how you are, where you are and what you have is exactly right!

Otherwise it would already be different.

Byron Katie is a lover of Reality, she states…

"I have simply stopped arguing with reality. How do I know the wind should blow? It's blowing. How do I know this is the highest order? It's happening. Arguing with 'what is' is like teaching a cat to bark. It's not very fulfilling.

I am my friend and no longer confused. The way I know that reality is good is that when I argue the point I experience tension, fear and frustration.

I lose - not sometimes, but 100% of the time. It just doesn't feel natural inside: no balance, no connection.

I want reality to change? Hopeless. Let me change my thinking.

Some of us mentally argue with 'what is.' Others of us attempt to control and change 'what is,' and then tell ourselves and others that we actually had something to do with any apparent change that took place.

This leaves no connection or room for (me) in my life. In the peaceful experience of no opposition to (reality), I remain aware of my nature: clear, vibrant, a friend, a listener."

When you stop opposition reality, taking action or choosing a direction or making a decision becomes easier, calmer, kinder and gentler on you and your body.

I’ll leave you with the following questions to ask and drop into…

How would it be if you thought, right now ‘all is well’ or ‘nothing is wrong’?

What would it feel like in your body…?

Who would you be, right now, if you could never have the thought ‘something is wrong’ (and needs to be changed, fixed or solved)?

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