Inspiration Week!! Be Inspired...

What inspires you?

This week I am on a high, having just run a one day workshop for women who want to be clear and confident about their direction and purpose in life. As well as find the preliminary steps to go for it. We addressed and explored things like weight reduction and stressing less in life. We did simple straightforward processes to start to ease these two key areas that occupy and weigh heavily on our life. There were three major take-homes I walked away with from my day and working with the amazing courageous women.

I thought I would share them with you today.

1. Women Working Together

The shifts and immediate changes were so powerful when the women worked together. (We had times where the group would pair up and work with each other.) Having a buddy, someone to share your experience with can make the effects of what you are doing that much more potent. You are not alone in this. Sharing your experience means you are being witnessed and even being held accountable.

This provides encouragement, safety and motivation.

2. Commit by saying YES

I felt privileged to witness the moment where a woman commits to something or herself. Many times through out the day I invited the women to step out of their comfort zones (we grow and change just out side of our comfort zone), the work may have been new to some ladies yet I could see the moment when they just said 'yes' to doing what was in the moment, only what was in front of them to do. When you commit to the task at hand, you forget about day to day tasks and what a crappy week you may have had or even how you may 'look' doing something or even worry about getting something "right". FYI: in the work I do there is no wrong or right way of doing something - it's how it is in every moment for that person - that is what is correct for them. These ladies were in the moment, allowing themselves to experience 'what is'. Amazing things happened, blocks were crushed, dramas were dropped and life was exciting again.

3. Be Inspired, Be Inspiration!

I realised something for myself during this day and I shared it with the ladies at the end of the day. And I am sharing it here to perhaps give perspective in what we are all here to do. I was always under the impression, up until now, that I was doing the work I do to inspire women to begin to set themselves free and step into the life they feel drawn to AND feel more connected to themselves, their purpose and their life. Yes.... this can happen, however, in this workshop I found myself marveling at the women as they worked with each other, crossing over into a new way to be in life....

It was I, who was in fact, inspired by these brave and strong women. These women are the reason why I do what I do.

Women inspire me, they move me to pull all my resources and knowledge, my passion and my wisdom, my personal journey of triumphs and adversities all together... to be available to the women who do say.....

'No more!, Enough!, It needs to be different and I am here and now, committing to me, however that may be, to once and for all live how I know I am destined to live". You are my inspiration!

As Women we are amazing and strong and I am so grateful to be one.

Be inspired by You!

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