A Beautiful Autumn Hiatus…where have you been?

So where I have been...

After a beautiful autumn hiatus taking care of my folk’s house and farm, it feels as though I am coming out of a hibernation of sorts.

So while my Mum and Dad travelled Australia – having their grey nomad experience and really going for it, I spent the crisp mornings sitting in a huge old rocking chair reading and sipping tea in a sun trap. Taking relaxing casual walks in the fresh country air with my parents 2 adult Jack Russell’s and 3 very playful puppies plus my furry child Midge.

I loved the warm sunny days giving me an unexpected ‘healthy glow’ at this time of year. I spent the afternoons in the vegetable garden and massive cottage garden – I found it incredible how there was always something to do in the garden. I thoroughly enjoyed cooking up a storm with the amazing fresh produce from the farm. There were pregnant cows and sheep to feed and watch over, plus a bunch of rowdy teenage cows to play with. I was also kept very amused by some very funny and quirky chooks I took care of.

I loved it! It was over 10 years since I lived on the farm so this was inspiring a sense of childlike wonder with no cares in the world within me. It felt worlds away from the 60 hours plus a week I have worked for over the past year on getting my business up and running and finishing one of the many courses I have participated in over the past 4 years. I needed this break from so many courses with varies opinions on how I was to do things and how I was to run things in my business. I am so grateful I was given this opportunity – it was perfect timing. Even though I kept working with clients, I ceased writing blogs, emails and participating on Facebook and other social Medias. I stopped offering workshops and events for those few months. However, I was still available for clients to have sessions with me as I can’t fully go off the radar in my line of work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe there are times in our life where you get up and go. You rev yourself up to put all the necessary energy into your situation, circumstances and life projects and plans. Then there are times we need to step back, cut back on commitments and have time just ‘Being’ and living. Not ‘doing’.

I completely slowed down to observe what’s going on around me and within me, to assess what’s really important and I created the time to see the bigger picture of this wonderful universe and what I would like to really see happen in my business. I watched the thoughts about “should’s “and “meant to’s”, observing the need to “do something more, something else”, yet there was no movement to “do” anything but live and enjoy what was happening in the moment. I learnt a whole new level of acceptance and what it is to be in stillness and not follow every thought to create tonnes of unnecessary action and ‘busyness’.

While I am aware, at this point you might be thinking not everyone is blessed with these situations where they can cut back on commitments and work hours and spend time not doing “something”. However, I believe you can still benefit from a few key “take homes” I had on the farm: 1. Acceptance is not a weakness. Accepting a situation does not ever mean you are giving up. Acceptance simply means that you recognise and understand your current situation. Acceptance allows you to be free from the restrictions of denial and move forward in life, creating a new path and a new life for yourself. Acceptance is Key!! 2. Stillness can be very difficult if you have conditioned yourself to bury hidden agendas and unhelpful beliefs with busy schedules and top heavy commitments. It can seem too risky to the ego to uncover and discover the real truth and have it sink in as you think you may not be able to manage and continue the current way of living your life. Change is scary but sometimes necessary! Being in stillness i.e. the present moment, conscious awareness, can be a game changer and a welcoming reality check.

3. Sometimes it is necessary to be selfish = I prefer saying self-full. Taking care of your own stuff needs to be a priority from time to time. Over my farm stay I was able to refresh and reframe many untruths and life teachings so they work for me – not against me. I am now able to be even more present and available in the work I love to do in the world and in my own personal life. You don’t always need to take time off, although it can be beneficial, what I did can be done in small doses each day. Set aside 10 minutes a day to refresh, be quite with yourself and take the time to address your concerns, needs and any feeling of restlessness within.

Acceptance, conscious change as a result from stillness and the time spent attending to yourself can save days, weeks, months and usually years going down a path you have not stopped to reassess or given yourself the time to check in with you… What do you want out of this short life time?

“Life is too amazing to spend it not living a life that makes

you feel more ‘youer’ than you!”

(I sound like Dr. Seuss…)

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