Create potency around your purpose…

Share your journey...

Share your aspirations and journey with a partner, friend or a supportive person.

By sharing and/or working with someone it de-shames the action of losing weight or working towards any goal like changing career, finding love, creating worth and having meaningful relationships.

It makes the commitment real and the actions accountable.

By keeping your weight loss efforts or any goals a secret, it pretty says to your inner self “I’m not really into it”, "I can't achieve this" and "I'm not worth it or deserving of it".

You can't be really up for the challenge with this going on. And by continuing this inner dialogue you can miss out on the amazing possibilities along the way to achieving your goal.

This is a classic defence mechanism to protect yourself from shame if and when it doesn't happen.

By hiding your aspirations, you are pretty much saying to yourself you don’t really have to try because no one will ever know it if you fail.

Unfortunately this misguided attitude and way to approach your healthy changes in life sets you up for failure every time.

You can overcome this and grow so exponentially it will blow your mind.

By reaching out to others you can conquer the fear attached to secrecy and unhealthy pride. You gain confidence and has you really walking your talk.

Making it public or sharing with someone sends a clear message to you, people around and the universe, that you are prepared to show up for yourself and go after your dreams, goals or intentions with certainty and commitment.

It represents the effort you are required to put in and has you open and aware of the opportunities around that will support you achieving the results you want.

What would happen if you set an intention to achieve something then announced it to friends and family or shared it with a partner or buddy

= scary - yes, brave - certainly,

creating the energy and momentum to reach it - absolutely!

Working with others to have them support your efforts and keep you accountable is a massive part of achieving goals like weight loss, happiness/ purpose, meaningful relationships, career changes or anything you really long for.

Ponder what you are deeply yearning for that will have you living a fulfilling life?

Find a buddy to support you to realise it - and never give up.

P.S. You can email me it for a start - I support you in it!

Or share it below to set the intention here and now…

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