My personal story - I'm revealing it all to you

What really happened to me...

I struggled to lose weight for what felt like my entire life.

I was very overweight, well, technically classified as "obese", weighing in at 110kg (242 pounds) but I don’t like that label.

I had always felt like I was the biggest woman in room even when I wasn't sometimes.

I had yo-yo dieted since I was about 11 years old and that continued through my 20's. I tried my hardest to lose weight too many times to count or remember and it was so hard hearing from people that I just wasn't trying hard enough. They thought that I must not be eating the 'right' foods or exercising enough. I was judged as 'lazy' and treated as though I was worth less and disgraceful.

My breaking point came when I was eating one light meal a day plus one piece of fruit and jogging 4km 6 days a week to sustain my weight just above the healthy weight range. It was unacceptable to think this is how I should live my life. It didn't make sense to me. No one could continue this way.

Why was I struggling so much when everyone else was able to eat what they wanted?

I thought there was something wrong with me so this added shame and guilt to my list of self-harming behaviours.

I hated starving or depriving myself, I hated exercise with a passion. The felt restricted in every part of me, cutting off my life and squashing my joy and happiness - all in the name of 'weight loss'.

It took its toll on me through constant disappointment and frustration of yet again failing to look like a 'normal yet thin' women that our culture and society projected on to me.

It just wasn’t worth it in the end. The amount of energy I required to force myself into eating this way became too much for me. I ended up refusing to go on anymore diets which led to me stacking on the weight and reaching over 110kgs.

I also became burnt out in my job trying to care, nurture and support others as my health deteriorated physically, mentally and emotionally. I was a very unhappy person on the inside and it was starting to show and leak on the outside.

Up until this point I had been able to hide my true feelings and slap a 'fake' happy "I'm fine" smile on my face at all times.

However, in my late 20's, even though I had been a registered nurse for 9 years, I became very unwell with multiple health issues, many of them due to the weight gain.

I sought help from the western medical model and was given medication for most of my health issues but nothing actually fixed any problems.

For my chronic headaches I had for 10 years, I was told to basically live with it because nothing was physically wrong with me.

Nothing I did or tried improved my health or well-being.

I was impelled to seek alternative methods when I hit rock bottom and became suicidal. This moment in my life created two options for me and I was fortunate enough to be open to finding the right kind of help and support I truly needed. And so began my journey to finally losing the weight and keeping it off.

This is where my real personal and transformational journey starts...

It was really "an inside job" as I say.

I had to start doing things differently. So I did something different. I sought out unique kinds of help and support, which addressed my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

I had to dive deep into the roots of the problem and how it was playing out in my life today not just in weight gain. I was just treating all of these symptoms without knowing or looking at the source.

I truly believe that weight is the symptom of something in the subconscious that stems from unhealed, unacknowledged or unexpressed places. My body was a representation of what was in my subconscious – what’s happening on the inside shows up on the outside.

This is why diets fail. We are just not getting to the root of the problem that is causing the issues.

So this is what I did...

I took a stand for my health, wellbeing and my life.

I committed to me!

I discovered that a huge part of my unconscious underlying issues and problems led to my weight gain.

I have since found that every woman has her story of struggle and

reasons of why she knows what "good health and life options" are yet she just doesn’t do them.

It's not hard to make the changes if you truly seek to be and live the true expression of you!

I decided that these different kinds of support were so beneficial and life-changing that it led me to studying in similar professions.

Everything that worked for me along the way I researched, studied and became qualified in these various therapies and techniques. I knew they worked, I had the proof but I wanted to know more, I wanted to know why they worked and how they worked.

As well as being a former nurse I have studied Holistic Counselling, Thrive Coaching, Breathwork, Transformational Nutrition Coaching and Divine Living Coaching.

I now offer a range of services to support and assist women to live the best version of them

- authentically, open, and free!

I have combined some of the healing therapies with my personal experience and successful methods to mentor women on how to lose weight.

I help women discover how to approach weight loss in a natural and positive way so they can lose weight and keep it off without starving or depriving themselves.

Women's Weight Loss Mentoring empowers you to transform your life while losing weight.

I have a firm belief that I am here to revolutionise the way women lose weight by providing a service to women who are in the similar position I was in of needing to lose weight but require the support and guidance to do it in a natural and kind way so they can enjoy life at the same time.

All of my personal experience, knowledge, training and abilities are put together in one place and it is in my 3 Part Women's Weight Loss Mentoring Program. There are many other healing therapies I offer that can impact weight loss yet does not address it directly.

So to cut my story short...(!?!)

I lost 35 kilos without dieting, cancelled a gallbladder surgery, cleared up my reflux and indigestion, I came off all my medications including anti-depressants, eased years of shoulder and lower back pain

AND my chronic headaches I had had for 10 years, vanished.

And I became a happier vibrant woman in soul, career, relationships and life.

And this was all due to me taking one last final stand for me and not giving up on a way to compassionately and gently change my life (and lose a truck load of weight in the process).

Now I am here to assist women who are ready to make the change and

start to empower themselves with totally new approaches and ways to transform their life.

So that's my story and thank you for read all the way through.

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