The path of full resistance - the up side of struggle.

How resisting can be beneficial...

We have all heard of ‘the path of least resistance’ and ‘what we resist persists’.

This is like saying you should avoid resistance and if you have it you are doomed to continue being exposed to whatever it is you have been resisting.

But in my line of work it's a little different.

Resistance is something to be celebrated.

It can mean you are getting closer to the source of what really is holding you back and stopping you from really letting go into the life that's there waiting for you to start living.

When resistance shows up in your life it can mean you have hit a nerve and you are on the verge of ‘Breakthrough’.

When resistance shows up in your life, you have a few options...

1. You can choose to stay in the resistance or push it away. From this place, it can keep you stuck where you are. You sometimes do this because you can feel you are safe and in your comfort zone by doing so. Sometimes this option needs to be played out to reach a point where the suffering or struggle is great enough to create adequate motivation to seek alternative options.

** It can be a sign that something else is at work in your subconscious and some exploring might be beneficial. Be gentle with yourself here.


2. Follow that ‘path of full resistance’.... Be open to what can unfold FOR you and become aware of why that resistance is there in the first place. This can feel like you are tunnelling in to the centre of it.

** This ideally can be done with the support of a professional in the area you are resisting to help you meet this resistance with acceptance and curiosity.


3. To support yourself more, you can make resistance ‘ok’ and allow it to be there. It's just representing something for you. Mostly likely trying to unhelpfully help you. It just might not be serving you anymore.

** i.e. “I am totally resisting change right now. I see I am grappling with this and I am going to make it 'ok' in this moment. I observe the resistance within me and I am open to see what might show up by being with this and not fighting it off.”

Feel what this is like in your body…

You are no longer fighting the resistance but being present with it.

Explore this and see what unfolds FOR you.

P.S. Be open to mystery and be inquisitive…

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