The summer is here... awesome smoothie recipe!! Chocolate, nuts and banana ... Can't resist!

Summer is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere!! Does your daily eating change with the weather?

My recent move to Queensland has had a huge effect on my daily eating. I think warmer weather in general has us feeling less like heavy hot foods and more like lighter fresh foods. I must admit, much to my husband's amazement, I was still having hot soups for lunch in Victoria during the summers. But now the even hotter weather up North has me turning away from a hot meal in the middle of the day. Each day I check in with my body to see what it desires to eat for lunch and I have come up with the same answer for days now... smoothie! I have just come off an epic cleanse that was a part of the 6 Day Radical Retreat, my friend Eiran and I hosted, yet I am still looking for the cooling liquid of a smoothie. Check out what she said about her time and the cleanse HERE Some of you know that I am not a huge fan of dairy for various factors - personal and health conscious reasons. So the old yoghurt smoothies are a bit out dated. There are just so so so many more options for a yummy base these days than dairy. At the moment this is what my body is yearning for:

Choc Nut Banana Smoothie Makes 2 portions (halve if your not sharing) 1 banana 1 dessert spoon of almond nut butter 2 teaspoons of organic cacao powder 2 cups of cold unsweetened almond milk Blend until smooth... Interesting Fact: one cup of the almond milk alone can give you up to 23% of your daily requirement of calcium.

This Smoothie hits the spot.

Healthy fats and proteins, the chocolate hit and the cold smooth liquid finish that has you feeling satisfied without being over stuffed with food.

Test it out for yourself!!

You'll find all the ingredients in most supermarkets theses days, so no excuses! (except for nut allergies - you have a pardon )

I aim for and advocate a "No Excuses" policy for mine and others health and wellbeing!

Let me know how you go with your smoothie or your personal variation, by posting a photo of it in Facebook with #smoothiesrock - you are welcome to tag me into your photo by using @katiealexander.


What's your body yearning for this season?

In health, happiness and support

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