Do I stay or do I move? Contradictions of life.

Difficult or challenging decisions made easy!

I've found in life that it can be tricky to decide to make a move on something or be fully present in my current situation.

How do I choose; what do I choose; is it going to be the right choice? These are some of the well-worn thoughts and questions I deliberate and ponder over. Whether it is the areas of career, relationship, topic of study, location or a life-changing option that's presented itself. Knowing what to do can be challenging, tiring and time occupying. Can you relate to any of these quandaries? Career: Do I stay in my current job that pays well and I'm good at and familiar/comfortable with or do I start on that little business idea that excites me and work in a passion fulfilled environment regardless of salary packaging and bonuses? Relationship: Do I settle in a relationship with a nice guy who's not that great with communication and affection or do I go with a gut feeling that 'the one' is still out there? Area of Study: Do I study in a well-known and well-received area / industry or do I go out on a limb and immerse myself in some unknown esoteric quantum spiritual psychobabble of an area? Location: Do I continue to live in the area I grow up in, went to school in and where my family and friends are around me or do I give travel, a new location and the fresh start a go? New opportunity that presents itself: Do I choose to be in the life circumstance that is currently here or do I want to seek some alternatives to living, feeling and being in my life?

(Just a little pic of me at my new location!!)

Whatever the choice is, it’s going to affect your life. It’s really our attitude, awareness and authenticity that are going to determine our approach and outcome. ‘Staying’ might be exactly perfect for you, ‘moving' in a different direction could be the best decision you ever made. Who really knows? How are you supposed to know? Can you ever really be certain that one way is better than another? Me personally, I like to give anything a go. If the idea presents itself and I am open to walking through that new door, then I'm in. There needs to be a willingness to move away from the 'known and familiar' to the unknown and uncertainty of such a choice.

And I take full responsibly for my actions, choices and outcomes.

All I can offer about these contradictions are to follow your heart.... Ok, sounds cliché so I'll give you another way to assist with these types of dilemmas. The "Be Clear" Process 1. Write the two choices down on two separate pieces of A4 paper plus a third piece with your name on it. 2. Put arrows at the top of each page pointing outward (this is the direction they are moving in). 3. And now arrange them in the floor in the places you feel most appropriate – don’t think too hard about this, just put them down and step back. 4. Now stand on the piece with your name on it. Look at the two choices. How do they look? Do you feel excited about looking at one over the other? Do you lose energy or feel tired or drained when you focus on one? Do you feel like you want to step towards one? Or are you being pulled towards one option? Are you letting fear or self- defeating thoughts make your choice for you? Can you hear yourself making excuses or well rationalised (but not real for you) reasons as to why you should not go in one direction? 5. Now move your piece of paper closer to one option and stand on it. Feel into that then repeat with the other. Which one feels the best? Drop all 'should's' and 'have to's'! 6. Go with your instinct on this.

You really can’t go wrong with this because (this is my favourite part) you can always change your mind - you're allowed to.

You can decide to go in one direction and if it's not great and not what you truly are looking for then check out the other options and choose again.

You are always correct - you can't get life wrong!

In health, happiness and support

Katie P.S. My Friends Eiran's quote that inspired my blog for today...

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