Done Over Eating? 10 steps to stop now.

When you put yourself last or place yourself second, you start to lose connection with you.

You think you need 'this' and want 'that' but all you truly desire is 'YOU' – to know yourself deeply and completely. If you were to feel yourself so intimately connected with this essence, you would be authentically seen by all. As women we eat to stuff the pain of our inner truth so deep down that only illness surfaces to show us that is happening. We eat to hide the shame of what we know truly could be – our life, our connection, our absolute loving power. We eat to stop ourselves from letting go into the ocean of pure truth and love. A love so unconditional no hate can be seen or felt.

"I am done over eating for the sake of not feeling the pain and suffering of all I hide from the world - all I hold back to not look the fool or to shine too brightly"

Well it’s time to stand up with me sister. You can do this too - I know your truth.

The pain of staying hidden and forgotten is too great now - it is time... It is your time! Care deeply for your body Care deeply for your soul Care deeply for you

10 Steps to stop forgetting and start remembering who you truly are... 1. Stop eating for the sake of eating 2. Stop saying yes when you really want to say no 3. Stop diminishing yourself for anyone - particularly those who are close to you. 4. Stop putting “it” off 5. Stop doing it alone 6. Stop thinking you can't - if nothing else, believe in the universe and the reason you are here. 7. Stop hiding 8. Stop running away 9. Stop numbing and distracting yourself 10. Stop deceiving yourself

Start living your truth - if you don't know what your truth is, then start exploring it!

Take Action with Self-LOVE as your intention.

In health, happiness and support

Katie P.S. I'm giving away a one hour clearing sessions to each woman who takes her stand and books into any of my programs and really starts being what she knows to be true and authentically her.

Email me today to chat about the wide range of supportive programs and sessions I have to share with you:

Let's do this together sister!

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