Wake Up Calls - My lesson from Oprah

How to see them, how to deal with them...

One of my earliest mentors was Oprah Winfrey.

As a young girl I would watch her shows and absorb everything. One of the most profound things she ever introduced to me as teenager was the "Whisperings" and how women are over riding them. This might hit some people’s nerve but I myself have done extensive work on my own past in this area… Oprah was talking about abuse to women whether domestic, physical, sexual, verbal or emotional. Somewhere, somehow women were violated.

I have had all forms of abuse in my life and once I heard this message, it stopped!

In my own case and in the other women’s cases on the show they can all remember that ‘whispering’. Even as a small child I recall it. “Don’t go there” “Stop, turn around” “This is not safe” “Don’t trust this” “Leave now” “This is not for you” “No” Anything along these lines, an inner knowing, but for whatever reason, women go against their instincts and intuition, against their whisperings. Sometimes it is lack of trust in themselves, a needing to belong or be loved, feeling that this is what she deserves, not trusting there is more than this, having a low self-worth or self-respect, maybe she can't see other options in her position, maybe it's safest at the time with her innocence and even in a few of my own cases is it just fate (something that happens in one’s life stream).

Women never deserve to be abused, ever, let me make that clear. No one deserves this!

I was a victim but it doesn’t mean I have to continue it be one in future circumstances.

My point today is that we over ride our whisperings – not just is cases of abuse but in the everyday situations and events in our life too.

Oprah said something like this: First you listen for the whisper which is the message, if you don’t hear it, Then you have a pebble tossed at you which is the problem, if you don’t notice it, Next you have a stone thrown at you which is the crisis, if you ignore the teachings and what is it showing you, After that you have a brick hurled at you which is the catastrophic event, if you still fail to wake up, Then, you have the point in which my life has reached many times, you get the brick wall. For me this is the breakdown.

You have to stop because it has made you stop! Breakdown is technically breakthrough as it has you return to listening to the whispering's.

This is what I am here to do with people, help them avoid the brick wall, have them reach the breakthrough without their life falling apart.

Some people I work with have hit the brick wall and are rebuilding themselves – stronger and more empowered this time around. Sometimes this process just happens for people. I myself endeavour to be aware of my whisperings and be open to what life opens up for me. I can only do this when I am still. My "Whisperings" Process: Stop Stop moving away from things Stop moving towards things Stop moving against things Stop Be still… the mind will do its thing, trying to discredit this action however let it be. Drop within yourself for a moment by taking one deep slow breath. Feel the energy in your hands, then feel the energy/vibration/ sensations in your body… What’s there, what’s left? Don't attach to thoughts or sensations or try to grasp anything or experience anything, simply be with stillness - notice what arises from it and goes back into it. What's left? Listen...

This I leave with you.

What is your message?

Love & Light,


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