Praise and Testimonials

This is something that can change the way you live your life


This is something that can change the way you live your life - but its up to you! Katie will facilitate you on your journey, support you, give you practical tips and advice when its appropriate and enable you to do what is already within you - to raise your consciousness, to live in alignment with your values and to reach your goals.

My Experience with Katie's Powerful Core Clearing


Today I had the opportunity to experience Katie’s Core Clearing.  As I have previously worked with Katie, I was confident that this too would be a powerful and exciting chance to uncover more of my authentic self.


Katie’s gentle and supportive approach allowed me to explore, at a very deep level, some underlying thoughts, beliefs and old patterns that were limiting my ability to live my life fully and truthfully.  Although there were some challenging moments during the session, Katie supported me to sit with what was surfacing, see clearly why things are as they are,  and see a clear path forward.


My whole body is buzzing and feels as if anything is indeed now possible.   I simply loved that this all came from the heart.


Thanks Katie,  you are a blessing!!

The teaching you offer are quite simple but majorly effective


The ongoing support and the tools you offered helped me to move through my concerns or issues that came up. You seemed to be able to find a way to make me see things differently, but It really shifted my perceptions at a deep level. Yet the teaching you offer are quite simple, but majorly effective. 

What an Inspiring person


What an inspiring person you are Katie - thank goodness the world has your light shining!!!

I feel calm and happy - I lost 8 kgs


Learning to listen to my body and not thinking I am on a diet has me look at (the program) as a way of life and how important it is to actually listen to my body rather than what my brain is saying. I now have the confidence to change the way I think about me / my body and I can control what happens in the way of food intake. I jumped on the scale today and have lost a total of 8 kgs. Pretty happy with this!

Incredibly valuable to me


These sessions were incredibly valuable to me for a number of reasons. I uncovered strength that I didn't know I had. Throughout the time around the sessions I was under pressure and in a stressful situation that otherwise, I may not have coped with - I understood more about my coping mechanisms and was able to take information away from the sessions that enabled me to move forward through a storm with relative calmness. I was able to identify more deeply what I was feeling and decide how to move through those feelings - thats new for me! I was able to identify a few things from my past that were in the way, stories I'd told myself that were no longer relevant. 

I never felt judged or analyzed


I felt very comfortable sharing my personal information with you and I never felt judged or analyzed. I feel that you come from a very authentic place where your skills and intuition allow you to listen, feedback and gently guide a fellow human being to a place of calm and awareness.

I was living my life for others


Initially I took up the coaching package for weight loss, but I soon discovered after the first session that I was living my life for others and I wasn't as happy as I could be.  Addressing my thoughts, fears and doubts I had in myself and attaining a positive attitude has changed my way of thinking and in turn my eating which is leading to a healthier, happier weight loss.

Empowered to move forward


I feel more empowered to move forward with my life and achieve things that I previously thought were not within my reach. A raised level of consciousness lead me to want to do more to actively and positively move through life - this is something that Katie facilitates happening without you even really realising, its quite a special thing.

I now understand why I am overweight


I now understand why I am overweight and find it easy now to make decisions to eat or not to eat foods which is resulting in weight loss that has just come off without too much stress.

From struggling to get out of bed to having energy


I have moved from struggling to get out of bed in the morning to having enough energy to work all day and find time for social engagements, keeping my space in order and spending quality time with my partner.

Not just impacted my weight but my life


I learned a lot about myself and that I am able and capable to achieveing the things I set my mind to. It has impacted a lot on my life, not just in regards to my weight but also my work.

Genuinely interested in my well being


Katie is really able to listen to me and is genuinely interested in my well being. Before I had not been able to reduce some weight, but after seeing Katie I have been able to change my mindset on a few very important things and I have been able to reduce my weight - 6.5kgs!! 

Free of judgement, safe and just for you


A space free of judgement, safe and just for you. Katie listens, asks questions to make you think, explore, uncover, readjust and move forward freely. Katie has a very disarming nature that allows you to freely work through whatever it is you need to work through without fear. 

Warm and caring professional


Katie is a warm and caring professional with heaps of integrity and a great sense of humour. Her experience in nursing, holistic counselling and communication skills will be wonderful gifts she can pass on to her clients. I highly recommend Katie to you.

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