Radical transformation and healing…​



Are you thoughts and feeling opposing each other?

Do you feel things one way yet allow your thinking to do another?


Is your head running the show and your heart and feelings being quashed or ignored?


Do you let your head dictate what’s best for you even though you sense

another way might be better for you and your life?


Do you allow others to determine and affect your choices because you distrust or are unsure of yourself?


Are you feeling out of sorts with how your life is and with your body and connection to you?


Do you feel there is a disconnection between your head, heart, body and soul?


Do you desire a different way to feel and be in your life?






I have combined some of the healing therapies with

my personal experience and successful methods to

create my signature service – The Transformation Program.


This program helps women discover how to approach life and

living in a natural and real way so they can align their head,

heart, body and soul to connect to their inner truth to be and

live their true expression.







The Transformational Program empowers you to radically transform your life.




We start where you are and move to where you want to be. 


We dive deep into the roots of the problems that are showing up at the moment and how it is affecting you and your life right now. We look to breakthrough the blocks and what's holding you back to see where there needs healing, acknowledgement or insight. We begin to find other healthier ways to express yourself and feel more in-tune with your life and how you want to be and live.


Your body is the representation of what is in the subconscious – what’s happening on the inside shows up on the outside. (This is proven in science)



‘You cannot truly treat the symptom or life issue without knowing the source of where it began’




This program is completely different to health or life coaching or counselling or alternative medicine as these types of methods (although helpful at times) are aimed at giving you more and are trying to add more 'stuff' on top of the unhealthy and unwanted programming and conditioning this is already running your life at the moment.


You are over full - too full and have no room for even begin to consider new beliefs and healthy patterns that will actually lead you to making the desired changes and ultimately 'transformation'.




First, there needs to be space created before any

real and permanent changes can even be attempted to have the impact you desire on your health, body and life.




You need to get to the bottom of things and allow baggage, unhealthy patterns and habits, unhelpful values and beliefs to be cleared out – usually this cannot be done alone.


Your mind is too tricky. It comes up with the most fabulous dramas and distractions in your life to give you reasons to back out of changing them.


Does this happen to you when you are about to start something new on Monday?


Are you interested in exploring the real reasons, in a gentle and compassionate way, why your life is how it is and want to explore what's possible in your life And how much better it can get?



The Transformation Program is tailor made to you. This is not a 'cookie cutter' approach. We go at your pace and I intuitively guide you through this first phase with the information that presents itself.





Your unique Transformation includes an Initial consultation for 120 minutes. 



   In this time we:


- discuss where you are at with health and life and where you want to be


- establish your aim/intention so you are more focused and have clarity around with your ideal life/goal you desire, working with me.


- address any initial ‘blocks and hold ups’ 


- identify key areas you wish to improve or change


- get you started right away on small changes that make the difference long term to you in your life.




* Plus 10 extra hours of follow up sessions for ongoing support to help you breakthrough, heal and begin your jouney to wholeness. (For a total of 12 hours in Transformational Sessions)

- All sessions are available in-person or via phone or Skype - internet access is required for email correspondence.

- These sessions are either weekly or fortnightly and either one or two hour sessions depending on your situation and circumstances. 



* You experience many forms of traditional and non-traditional approaches to gain insight and awareness into your inner workings that lead to Breakthroughs in your life.



* Through many healing modalities you release old habits, patterns and unconscious beliefs to free yourself from restrictive behaviours that have - up until now - sabotaged your efforts to change.



* You get your personal breakthroughs that open you up to a whole new way to approach life and being authentically you.



* You gain simple and straightforward practices, methods and process you can do at home to continue reaffirming your new perspective on life. 



* You have access to me between sessions via email for clarifying and affirming the undertakings in the previous session.



* Ongoing specialised support tailored to you and your needs



* Actionable wrap-up notes and details of what we covered after each session so you can review.



* Plus my personal commitment to your health and wellbeing (on all levels) and success!





Does this feel 'correct' for you? Is this your real and truthful next step?


Speak with me to find out if this program is for you and if it is what you have been searching for.

The Transformation Program

For 12 hours of Transformational Sessions pay $899 (upfront payment)

or 4 monthly payments of $249.






This program is priced according to the level of investment and engagement you need to have for private attention. And the reason why I'm not creating another $25 CD to listen to or quick fix e-book for $15, not that these things can't contribute, but overall the woman I'm interested in working with is looking for a mentor to have accountability, to be real with. It's got to be worth this level of investment for you so this is why I've priced the program to engage commitment and focus.


It also takes this length of time to get to the right place to shift the mindset and old beliefs and be able to continue to make changes independently.  Consider how long you have been dealing with your current issues. You have been struggling with this for 1, 3, 5 years or longer, what's another few months to gain the freedom and happiness you deserve.




The Transformation Program can lead you to and support you in feeling better in your body, happier in life, enjoying the changes you choose, And being a healthier and happier woman.